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  • We speak your language
  • Over 30 years of experience on the Cote d’Azur
  • With our knowledge you will avoid making serious mistakes, we will point out the pitfalls to you.
  • You will speak owner to owner, because we are owners ourselves.
  • We represent exclusively your interests, absolute discretion
  • We will advise you comprehensively and objectively on property that has already caught your eye, we will also be happy to search for a suitable property for you.
  • Use our “Secret Service” and obtain information which you never get as a buyer.
  • We will support you in every step of the way to your perfect villa.
  • Avoid unproductive viewingsand the related costs and stress.
  • Contact us without obligation, we will be happy to help you.

We will help you to find the perfect villa for you and support you in every step of the way!

Sun, beaches, sea, relaxation, quite simply synonyms for the South of France. It is therefore no surprise that residential properties are highly sought after. However, when buying expensive properties such as villas, there are a number of points that should be considered before you decide to buy.  Many of these points you will possibly not even have thought about or will have been concealed by a seller. However, they are extremely important if you want to make a good decision when buying a villa in the South of France. CB Consulting Management will deal with all of these “hidden issues” for you.

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    Risks and mistakes when buying a villa

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    The location

    The postcard view of an online platform by no means guarantees that the surrounding area will be great.

    Here, in addition to the obvious information, it is the “hidden information” that is not in the brochure or not mentioned by the seller that matters.


    • Are there any annoying issues that will make you feel less comfortable in your villa?
    • Is any major building work planned in the vicinity?
    • Natural disasters also occur in the South of France, how safe is the property?
    • Will the location keep or go up in value?

    CB Consulting Management will answer these and many more questions for you in advance.


    Structure of the villa

    After checking the location, you should turn to the property. Here, too, a critical assessment is necessary. Besides the number of rooms, the living space, the size of the property and other obvious points, the general maintenance condition (house, garden and land, pool) needs to be the subject of an initial assessment. Aspects such as the electrical installations or the water and gas supply also need to be in perfect condition, though, in order for the property to be considered to be suitable for purchase.  

    Besides these basics, there is a range of other factors that should be considered:


    • How is the villa heated and cooled?
    • Are the walls dry and insulated? Is there any mould?
    • Is the roof waterproof?
    • Was the villa built by a well-known company according to an architect’s plans?
    • Are the garden and land in good shape (fire safety standards, maintenance condition)?
    • Can a wall or fence be erected without any problems?


    Legal certainty

    If the location, structure and taxes are agreeable, there is the issue of legal certainty. Although the general legal framework in France is very similar to that in Germany, for a successful purchase certain aspects need to be examined closely.


    It always needs to be clarified whether the seller is allowed to sell the property in the first place, whether there are mortgages or inheritance disputes or whether there are any rights of way of third parties. The issue of whether basic permission for a structural extension exists should also be clarified. When this last test is passed, your villa in the South of France will give you a lot of pleasure. 


    CB Consulting Management will of course also help you in this last step.

    Our services

    We will represent only your interests, even if we work with other sellers. Thanks to our 30 years of experience, you will also benefit from our local knowledge and our language and negotiating skills. We will support you throughout the process and are here for you whatever the issue!

    Administrative procedures

    CB Consulting will deal with all of the tiresome administrative procedures for you, for example planning permission, electricity, water, gas, internet connection, French bank account, and we will also find a competent and reputable notary for you. You therefore do not need to queue anywhere yourself or work through loads of forms.

    Tax and insurance

    We know the rules on the Cote d’Azur, we know how a luxury villa needs to be insured. We will negotiate the detailed insurance policies for you and also read the small print, you should therefore be optimally protected.
    Although CB Consulting Management cannot advise you on tax matters itself, we have very competent partners.

    Construction and repair

    For almost everything that you would like to convert, you will need permission from the authorities. We know the regulations, as well as the responsible authorities including the paperwork. CB Consulting Management also has a very good network of local craftsmen and builders who have been tried and tested over many years and who are monitored constantly by us.

    About CB-Consulting

    We do not see ourselves as estate agents or as mere service providers! In Christian Baumgart, our contact in the South of France, you will have instead a trustworthy advisor by your side who will deal with all matters relating to your luxury villa.


    Benefit from our many years of experience and our ability to speak three languages, German, English and especially French. Use our local knowledge of the Cote d’Azur, our connections in this region and our language and negotiating skills. Don’t settle for mediocrity, hire the professionals.

    Christian Baumgart

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    Arrange an initial consultation without obligation. Contact us and in doing so avoid unproductive viewings and/or the effort of coordinating several service providers. CB Consulting Management will find the perfect villa for you