You do not need to queue anywhere or ask for an appointment. You also do not need to work your way through a forest of forms. CB Consulting Management will relieve you of this burden. Where the notary stops (and we check him too), we start. We will deal with the planning permission, electricity, water, gas, internet connection, French bank account and many other issues for you. We will also supply you with the firewood and champagne so that you can drink a toast to your new luxury villa or yacht.

CB Consulting Management knows the rules on the Cote d’Azur, we know how a luxury villa or yacht needs to be insured. We also know that insurance companies do not pay in the event of a claim. However, because we negotiate the insurance policies for you and also read the small print, you should be well protected. In case you still have any doubts, we also win every court case, as most recently in 2020 against two major insurance companies.

Although CB Consulting Management cannot advise you on tax matters itself, we have very competent partners. It is generally the case that when you buy a property in France, you have to pay tax. Every owner of a property has to pay residence tax (taxe d’habitation) and property ownership tap (taxe foncière). In addition, a wealth tax is charged if your villa is worth more than EUR 1.5 million. Because these taxes differ region by region, we will provide you with more details as soon as we know where on the Cote d’Azur you would like to buy. CB Consulting Management is also your competent partner for matters concerning luxury yachts, Christian Baumgart is particularly knowledgeable in this area.

You would like to build a garage, a pool in the garden, a new fence around your property, a new roof or carry out interior work. Regardless of what you would like to modify, alter or build, you will need permission from the authorities for (almost) everything. We know the regulations, as well as the responsible authorities including the paperwork. We, CB Consulting Management, also have a very good network of reputable local craftsmen and builders who have been tried and tested over many years and are monitored constantly by us. All provide a 10-year guarantee for their work.

We would also be happy to help you in the designing of your interior decoration; here we work closely with designers from London and Frankfurt, as well as local designers. Talk to Gunda Opp and be amazed by what a villa can become.

Here you can save a lot of time, money and stress. You know what it is like, you would like to buy a luxury villa or yacht abroad, but you do not speak the language and you know neither the customs nor the laws. A difficult undertaking. On the Cote d’Azur there are of course plenty of estate agents who deal in luxury villas or brokers of luxury yachts who will promise you everything under the sun. Which of them is telling you the truth? They work on the principle of make an offer – sell – take the commission – finished. Watch how you get on.

CB Consulting Management works differently, because we would like to support our clients over the long term. We are not interested in short-term success in the form of a huge fee, instead we would like to support you as long as you would like us to. This also means accepting responsibility for our work.

CB Consulting Management will tell you whether it is worth travelling to the South of France in order to view a villa or a yacht.

Just a few examples:
Location, location, location! Will the location keep or go up in value? Is the property next to a waste tip, flight path, expressway, etc.? Is building work planned in the vicinity? Is there a risk of flooding, as in many areas of the Cote d’Azur?

CB Consulting Management will also examine the structure of the property or yacht, as far as possible. If there are signs of major problems, you will be informed of these in advance by us, saving you unnecessary travel costs and effort.

We offer all of this and many other services you will not find at an estate agent. We do, of course, work with estate agents, but we are independent and represent exclusively your interests. We concentrate on the weaknesses of the property, so that you can make an informed decision.

Benefit from our experience, our local knowledge and our language and negotiating skills.

CB Consulting Management will be happy to advise you, not only on any purchase, but in other areas as well if you wish.

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