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Pre Purchase Evaluation

After defining which type of evaluation is required we will provide a breakdown of the works carried out including our terms and conditions.
The client should return a signed copy to us before we proceed.

Standard Inspection

Topsides, rig, interior spaces incl. accessible parts of the boat
Haul out and inspection of prop, rudder, sea cocks etc.
Osmosis, Corrosion by moisture meter readings & ultrasound on GFK,
Wood and Steel or Alu
Engines & generator visual
Cosmetic appearance and overall maintenance
Hammer and spike testing
Steering gear
Ground tackle
Stanchions, Hand rails
Mast, spars and rigging from deck level visual
Safety equipment
Water installations
Toilet installation
Electrical systems
Ports and windows

Sea Trial

Can be arranged and is recommended to check all systems under load.
To find out more please contact Christian on +33 761 563 135